Harry Hartmann Fiberreed
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The principle of FIBERREED

During a gig with his band, and in the midst of several years of research and development to find a synthetic material comparable to natural cane (Arundo Donax), Harry Hartmann came up with an idea:

In order to reproduce as closely as possible the sound of natural cane, all of the positive qualities of the cane should be kept, while the negative ones should be excluded.

In the course of further investigation it was discovered that the sound qualities of Arundo Donax originate from two characteristics: longitudinal feeding channels and the cellular structure that surrounds them. This is how nature’s perfection became the principle of Fiberreed.

About the inventor

Harry Hartmann plays saxophone since 1976. He obtained a Master’s Degree in music at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart/Germany with Professor Bernd Konrad. He has been a professional musician since 1982 and has been teaching privately at music schools focusing on jazz, latin and classical music.

"As a musician, I have tried to fulfil all the requirements of an innovative reed. In order to take into account your wishes and suggestions I would be happy if you could share your experiences of Fiberreed with me. Thank you for your cooperation."

More information about FIBERREED

3 modelos de Fiberreed - carbón, natural clasic, cañamon
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principio de Fiberreed
Harry Hartmann - El Inventor de FIBERREEDS


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