Harry Hartmann Fiberreed
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Instructions for use


Take your Fiberreed from the mouthpiece after playing and dry it. It is the best to dry it in the original packing or in a reed case. Do not leave your Fiberreed on the mouthpiece. The corners of the reed tip could bend after longer use in direction to the mouthpiece which would change the response.

If this happens anyhow, dry your Fiberreed carefully for instance on a heater or with a hairdryer. The temperature should not exceed 80° Celsius (176° Fahrenheit). After this your Fiberreed should have the original form again.


You can clean your Fiberreed in many ways. Adequate agents are dishwashing liquid or toothpaste. A disinfection with alcohol or an nontoxic disinfectant is possible. We recommend this especially if your Fiberreed was used by others.

After prolonged use ...

…it happens that little pieces quarry out at the tip of the reed. This does not affect the sound and the response normally.

You may smoothen the reed tip by sanding it with a sandpaper grain 1000 in a 90° angle (like filing finger nails) carefully. Remove as little material as possible (0,5 mm/0,02 inch). Otherwise your Fiberreed will loose its harmony and will get too hard.

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Después de un uso prolongado


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