Harry Hartmann Fiberreed
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Advantages of the FIBERREED reeds

Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed made from HFC unites superior sound and performance qualities with twenty to thirty times the durability of a traditional cane reed. And, most importantly, every reed performs to the same high specifications. Even years from now, your new Fiberreed will perform with the exact same excellence that you experience today. And, there is no need for warming up as there is with cane reeds. With Fiberreed you will get a full response from the very first moment.

Calidad de sonido

A material with excellent sound qualities was created through the unification of high-tech materials and artistic sensibility. Its name: Hollow Fiber Foamresin Compound (HFC).

HFC replaces the feeding channels of cane with hollow fibers and the cellular structure with a foaming resin. This combination, together with a balanced relation in proportion to longitudinal to lateral stiffness, enables sound qualities which not only come close to Arundo Donax cane, but actually exceed it in many aspects, making it unlike other synthetic materials.

More information about FIBERREED

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